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Samothraki is located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, near the coast of Alexandroupolis and the islands of Lemnos and Imbros, by which resemble in character, traditional recipes and customs.It has been inhabited from the prehistoric period, as evidenced by the important findings and the archaeological site . The densely-built buildings, each with a different use and purpose, constitute centuries of history that is lost in time. But what stands out is the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, with enormous pillars. It is worthed exploring on climbing the most fragrant mountain of Greece in Saos with a long stroke in the shade, the famous beaches (Pahia Ammos, Therma, Kipoi and others), the picturesque settlements and villages (Country, Kamariotissa Alonia, Prophet Elias, Lakkoma, Therma Kariottes, Ano Meria, Paliapoli)
Even the island has numerous small churches and some monasteries, such as St. Athanasius in Alonia and Christ (recent restoration) in Ano Meria.
Each place is different and unique. Samothrace where the high mountain of 1632 meters, creates an excellent microclimate, dry and very healthy, while the volume of that stocky covers all human presence and activity, infuses with awe the swimmer, the walker, the fisherman, the visitor, the explorer. In an effort to keep describe in two-three words  Samothrace for us, we would suggest: awe, nature, respect, experience. We invited you to live the unique holiday experience that Samothrace can offer and we are curious to learn your own words that can describe this. Feel free to ask us any information that you may need about the island and your stay here. 

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