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The renovated Fardy’s house has three independent rooms with en-suit bathroom, TV, individual heating, mini bar and furthermore a Cocomat sleeping system (, for a wonderful sleep, enhanced by the dry microclimate of Chora and the fragrant air that descends from the mountain. All our linen is also from ecological materials carefully selected by Cocomat.

Each room has its own orientation and style. On the ground floor, our room has two bright windows with a view of the square in the foreground and a background view of the hillside. Upstairs, one room has a balcony that overlooks the square from above, the opposite slope of the mountain up to the Vryhos rock and the sea on the right, while the corner room with its four large windows faces the forest in the north and the slope to the west.

The courtyard of the House, in front of the main entrance, is adjacent to the path and in front of the fountain where the water runs the whole year long, on the top of the uphill. In front of the windows, we have created a relaxing coffee – studying corner equipped with a round table and two comfortable armchairs in each room. A different character is reflected in each room, which is interesting for the visitor.

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