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Our Guesthouse has three independent rooms with TV and mini-bar, reception area and courtyard. The building has internet connection and cooling-heating system with heat pump. Each room is unique. A large group or a family, can rent the whole house. In this case, you can enjoy different aspects of the village from different parts of the house. From the balcony, the view to the mountain is mesmerizing, while the location named “Vryhos” is visible, -where traces of prehistoric buildings have been found–. You can also enjoy the sea view where during the evenings, the lights of trawlers can be spotted, as well as the happenings in the village square, which is full of life, the heart of the village. From the windows of the corner room, the forest can be seen as well as important buildings, such as the Town Hall, Old High School, the church, the bell tower and the Folklore Museum. You can also relax in the reception lounge. By adding two single beds, the house capacity increases to 8 people, in total.

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