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From the left side, Lina Tsaldari teh first Greek woman memeber of the Parliament during a visit in the island she stayed in our house

Our Guesthouse was built in 1880 by doctor-philosopher Nikolaos V. Fardy’s, who was a unique intellectual personality of 19th century, having firstly studied at the Evangelical School of Smyrna and then at the Medical School of Marseille. Furthermore, he was a profoundly knowledgeable of Byzantine Music and a prolific scientist in geology, music, literature, history and religion. People of the island remember his memory until today, as he practiced medicine, preserved archaeological findings, he was a cantor and archive keeper in the church, as well as Mayor. The house was inherited by his first daughter Aparthenia, the wife of Christos Rigopoulos and then passed on to their son Nicholas Rigopoulos who was member of the Greek Parliament for many years. During this period, many celebrities have visited the house, among them Lina Tsaldari, the first Greek, woman Member of Parliament. Also, Ion Dragoumis, Consul of Greece in Evros, visited Aparthenia at the house.

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