Chora, the picturesque village in the heart of Samothraki

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The houses in Chora seem to be climbing up the slopes of the mountain and after the last houses, the forest shares its pure breath in the slightest breath of the wind. Goat bells are always heard from the free range goats, as well as the sound of water flowing. Staying in Chora is a good idea in every season, as the island changes faces as seasons pass. Tranquility and blatant spring flowering followed by the exuberant summer, full of festivals, beautiful places prepared for the tourists to visit and taste excellent food.

      The sea can be accessed from the village of Chora through three routes: returning to Kamariotissa where, the harbor is, towards Paliapoli, where a series of pristine beaches begin up until the end of the road and the beach called Kipos and finally, towards the village Alonia, from the south exit of the village and to the beach named Makrylia. The sea is crystal clear everywhere, with endless amounts of sea shore and a unique beauty to its one of them. There are picturesque small taverns at each beach and within the villages, with excellent food and traditional appetizers. The island is beautiful in every season and compensates the visitor with vivid experiences of unspoiled nature.

      The refreshing summer, gives opportunities for swimming in the sea and in freshwater natural pools called vathres, filled by the raging water of the river and waterfalls, as well as the melting snow of the mountain. The Autumn has a special appearance in Samothrace, too, where the dominance of nature always gives a mark, while in Winter, with the extreme weather conditions, charms the visitor who discovers the changes of scenery brought to the forest and the meadows. The snow, which always covers the mountain Saos, often descends to the sea. The fact, that many kinds of herbs and plants have been recorded in the island, makes Spring a period of unexpected beauty.

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