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Samothrace island is the ideal place for walks and hiking. There are lots of trails coursing through the mountain, the orchards and the river banks. Also, the festival of the island is on the 15th of August at the church of the village Chora.

However, many festivals are held at the island’s churches, for example at Sotera, just outside Chora, on 6th of August. On the 27th of July it’s the name day of Saint Panteleimon and there is a festival a the church which is located just outside Chora too, and on 20th of July, on the name day of  the Prophet Elias, the village, named after the prophet, honors him with festivities. During the spring there is the Saint Georgios festival in the fields and in winter time, on 18th of January, the monastery of St. Athanasius in Alonia village, has its own festival.

On the 2nd of February, the small Church named Ypapanti of Christ, celebrates too. On September the 1st, commemorations are organized on the island, because of the sad anniversary of the massacre of 700 men, during the revolution of the inhabitants of the island, part of the big national revolution of 1821. It is the anniversary of Fka. (Fka stems from the word Efka which means seven hundred)


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